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  • RT @ASCEGovRel: How Congress Is ‘Killing Our Transportation System’ via @thefiscaltimes #FixTheTrustFund
    1 Hours Ago
  • RT @WhiteHouse: "This is not a win for Democrats or Republicans. It is a win for American workers." —Obama on the Workforce Investment Act …
    1 Days Ago
  • House+Approves+Trust+Fund+Patch #constantcontact
    1 Days Ago
  • 2020+view+of+your+industry+at+Forum+ #constantcontact
    2 Days Ago
  • AED+to+Congress:+Stop+playing+games+with+infrastructure #constantcontact
    5 Days Ago
  • The famous Jackie Robinson wore #42. The average age of an American bridge is 42 years old and the Highway Trust fund runs out in 42 days.
    6 Days Ago
  • Pass it around, let's get this message out
    7 Days Ago
  • House,+Senate+Near+Highway+Trust+Fund+Patch #constantcontact
    8 Days Ago
  • The Highway Trust Fund will go bankrupt in 45 days. With less than two months left, it is time to #FixTheTrustFund
    9 Days Ago
  • Planning on taking a summer vacation? You’ll most likely use an American highway. Keep American highways strong and #FixTheTrustFund
    12 Days Ago
  • I-49 is a highway that plans to link New Orleans to Kansas City. Congress should #FixTheTrustFund and save I-49 before it's broke in 49 days
    13 Days Ago
  • @TRIP_Inc found that America's rural roads have significant deficiencies and high fatality rates. #FixTheTrustFund
    13 Days Ago
  • RT @TRIP_Inc: Many roads, bridges in rural America in disrepair via @usatoday
    13 Days Ago
  • Jackie Robinson changed baseball as 42, and now it's our turn to give back to 42—to decrease the average age of US bridges from 42 years old
    13 Days Ago
  • There are 50 states and in 50 days all states will be impacted by the bankruptcy of the Highway Trust Fund. #FixTheTrustFund
    14 Days Ago