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AED’s Political Action Committee (PAC) allows equipment distributors to speak with a common voice in the political process by helping to elect federal candidates who share the political goals of the equipment industry.

AED PAC is supported entirely by voluntary, personal contributions from AED members and accepts contributions only from members who have given PAC solicitation consent in accordance with the Federal Election Campaign Act.

AED PAC candidates support:

  • Increasing highway, airport, and water infrastructure construction funding.
  • Promoting pro-growth tax policies (such as protecting LIFO and repealing the three percent government contractor withholding tax), encouraging fiscal responsibility, and restoring certainty and simplicity to the tax code.
  • Ensuring congressional oversight of executive branch agencies attempting to circumvent the legislative branch to implement sweeping expansions of labor, environment, and workplace safety laws.
  • Improving access to financing for commercial, residential, and infrastructure projects.

To give AED PAC your consent to be solicited for contributions, please fill out the form below.

Federal law requires separate and specific consent for each year. Please type your first and last name indicating your signature beside each year for which you wish to give solicitation permission: 

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2015 Signature
2016 Signature
2017 Signature
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Has your company given solicitation consent to any other trade association for the signed calendar year/s?
Do you give AED PAC permission to solicit contributions from your company's principals and senior management employees?
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Enter Code:

AED PAC is requesting a separate authorization for each year listed above. However, authorization can be granted for any or all of the years by clicking on the corresponding box(es) above. A company may authorize only one trade association federal political action committee (PAC) to solicit its employees during any calendar year. This authorization can be revoked at any time by emailing Contributions to AED PAC will be used for political purposes. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents can contribute to federal PACs. Participation is strictly voluntary and any guidelines are only suggestions. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal.