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  • End-Users Optimistic on Fleet Expansion #constantcontact
    1 Days Ago
  • AED INFOR Executive Forum is coming up soon. Join us to get that 20/20 vision:
    4 Days Ago
  • Holding lame duck's feet to the fire #constantcontact
    8 Days Ago
  • As @SecretaryFoxx extolled, it's time to increase the temperature. #fixthetrustfund #investnow @imakeamerica
    11 Days Ago
  • RT @imakeamerica: "The temperature from the American public has to increase on this." - @SecretaryFoxx on the HTF. @USDOT #investnow
    13 Days Ago
  • RT @usdot: "Reach out to your members of Congress. Help them act sooner rather than later for #transportation by making sure EVERYone knows"
    13 Days Ago
  • "Make this a problem that Congress can’t avoid solving." - @secretaryfoxx #investnow #fixthetrustfund
    13 Days Ago
  • .@secretaryfoxx on infrastructure: it's a generational investment. We've got to "give courage to Congress." #investnow #fixthetrustfund
    13 Days Ago
  • MT @AP_Joan_Lowy: Foxx pitches communities to pressure Congressfor long term funding solution for highways, transit
    13 Days Ago
  • .@secretaryfoxx on importance of local engagement: "I think the country needs to get a lot noisier." #investnow #fixthetrustfund
    13 Days Ago
  • .@secretaryfoxx "[Our] country can't afford to wait ten months just to get another stop-gap measure." @USDOT #fixthetrustfund @imakeamerica
    13 Days Ago
  • .@SecretaryFoxx kicks off town hall: “In America, our transportation problems are easy to see but often difficult to explain.” @USDOT
    13 Days Ago
  • Join @secretaryfoxx for a "virtual town hall" on transportation infrastructure. Today at 1PM EDT: @USDOT
    13 Days Ago
  • RT @levantoair: Americans support highways! (just don't ask about paying 4 them) via @ashleyhalsey3rd @washingtonpost
    14 Days Ago
  • Congress Averts Highway Showdown for Now #constantcontact
    15 Days Ago

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