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  • .@washingtonpost calls #KXL delay "absurd"
    23 Minutes Ago
  • Transportation policy priorities from @T4America:
    27 Minutes Ago
  • Hotel deadline extended to 4/25 for AED Foundation Financial Symposium! Hurry still time to send your CFO, financial managers; 11.5 CPEs
    2 Days Ago
  • CBO HTF Predictions Echo AED Warnings –DC finally waking up to crisis–
    2 Days Ago
  • KXL pipeline's "political symbolism" vastly outweighs its impact on global warming: via @nytimes @coralmdavenport
    2 Days Ago
  • "The urgency...cannot be overstated." - @secretaryfoxx on need for surface transportation bill, there is no "backup plan." via @Politico
    6 Days Ago
  • Brian McGuire & Bob Henderson are visiting AED members in Birmingham!
    6 Days Ago
  • Highway Trust Fund update coming today from DOT: Another Warning of Pending Insolvency. Stay tuned...
    9 Days Ago
  • CFO's and Dealer Financial Managers: Who's yor 401(k) program's evil Siamese twin? We're digging up all the answers
    9 Days Ago
  • Dealers show marketing priorities, preferences, what works, what doesn't in exclusive new study by AED and EDA
    9 Days Ago
  • Read editorial on Calif frack ban then check out
    9 Days Ago
  • Have you contacted your Congressman about funding for the HWY Trust fund.
    9 Days Ago
  • CFO have you signed up for AED financial symposium go to!
    9 Days Ago
  • RT @HRParts: The H&R Const. Parts Daily is out! Stories via @EquipmentToday @aednet @BLPLaw
    10 Days Ago
  • Senators reach bipartisan deal for long-term transportation bill
    12 Days Ago

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